Below are descriptions of a few projects that I have worked on, either alone or as part of a team.

Most recently I wrote an application, File Utility Suite. It is a lightweight set of utilities used for file management. Uploaded to a single software download site, it was discovered by others. Each of those sites has reviewed it, and in each case, it has been given an award of some type.

The application was designed with a user interface such that a novice or experienced user could use it efficiently. Additionally, I am proud of the code design, in that the structure will allow for the easy addition of more features in the future.

File Utility Suite is available at Yellow Jersey Software

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I've created a few websites, one of which belonged to a company that had hundreds of parts which were categorized for their users to see the specifications. They needed a sight that a novice computer user could update with new parts or information. I developed an application that took an Excel spreadsheet as input with the information about all their parts and the categorization of those parts, it's output being the html pages needed to properly display all the parts in the desired hierarchy.

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My passion has been the development of systems that address larger problems. A Fortune 500 Company had a database containing millions of items for which there was a price and cost. When they wanted to update with new prices and costs, it took a single computer, running 24 hours a day, nearly three months to complete the update. Even across mulitple computers the process took six weeks. Furthermore, only a few software developers had the expertise to run the process.

I was able to develop an application which could complete the entire process in less than one hour. And, I trained an employee in the Montreal (Canada) Finance Office over the phone to run the process.

At this same company, I was part of a team that implemented a system which took an engineering design from a SQL Database, and accessing information from a separate database, created a document suitable for sales. Think of the invoice on a car at an auto dealership. Rather than give you a list and quantity of nuts, bolts and other parts, the invoice organizes this information in a more understandable manner. This system ran 24 x 7 x 365 and was used by employees in multiple countries across three continents.